Wanderlust-Sparking Around-the-World Journeys : around-the-world journey

[ad_1] Land Rover’s Video Campaign is Truly Inspiring The epic around-the-world journey by renowned artist and naturalist Robert Bateman and biologist/ecologist Bristol Foster is revisited in this campaign by Land Rover. The inspiring marketing project celebrates the company’s 70th anniversary. It includes a three-minute video, produced by Wonder Screen for Spark44, that touches upon the…Read More »

Curl-Enhancing Leave-In Conditioners : Leave-In Decadence

[ad_1] DevaCurl’s ‘Leave-In Decadence’ Offers Moisture & Definition Those looking to tame their super curly hair without weighing it down or giving it a greasy residue are likely to appreciate the new ‘Leave-In Decadence’ conditioner from DevaCurl, a haircare brand that specializes in nourishing products that are free from sulfate, silicon, and parabens. To use…Read More »

Google Doodle Is Dedicated To Nobel Laureate Har Govind Khorana Ta | नोबेल विजेता हरगोविंद खुराना को याद करता आज का गूगल डूडल

[ad_1] गूगल अपने डूडल के सहारे दुनिया की तमाम मशहूर और महान कार्य करने वाले लोगों को याद करता है. इसी कड़ी में गूगल ने आज यानी 9 जनवरी को डूडल के माध्यम से महान भारतीय अमेरिकी वैज्ञानिक और चिकित्सा के क्षेत्र में नोबेल पुरस्कार विजेता रहे हरगोविंद खुराना को याद कर रहा है. खुराना को…Read More »